Rejuvenate (v): to make young again; to restore to youthful vigor; to revive; to restore to a former state; to make fresh or new again.

Rejuven8 Laboratories Inc. generates unique, eco-safe intellectual property for leading global brands for an informed global community.

Our Mission:

To be a leading generator of safe, earth-friendly IP and products for successful global brands.

Our Goal:

To improve the health and well-being of consumers and our earth through education, product validation, and innovation.

Our Core Values:

Sustainable innovations and inventions infused with intelligence, wisdom and integrity.

Our Passion:

Harnessing the power of nature to extend the active lifespan of our amazing human bodies and our precious, fragile earth.

Rejuven8 Labs’ sustainability quadrant is a revolving cycle of invention, protection, marketing, and cashflow couched within 8 growth industries, namely:

Education, Pesticides, Cosmetics, Consumer products, Functional Nutrition, Health, Technology, and Automotive.

The company was founded and is currently led by Sheldon M. Joseph, Hons. B.S., Ph.D., a vibrant, creative, multiple award-winning, world-class entrepreneurial scientist, University of Toronto-SCS life sciences educator, and inventor. The venture is supported by a myriad of professionals, advisors, and experts from multiple disciplines and is a MaRS Discovery District portfolio company.

We at Rejuven8 Labs are not manufacturers, nor are we in the wholesale/retail business.
Instead, we primarily seek B2B licensing or white-labeling opportunities to rapidly and internationally commercialize our proven, uniquely innovative ideas that improve quality of life without harming the environment.

We would be excited to hear from potential licensees and interested global brands.
Kindly contact us for details.

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